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Are There Age Restrictions To Wisdom Tooth Removal

What’s The Right Age To Get Wisdom Teeth Extracted?

Wisdom teeth, which usually come out when one is approaching adulthood, are a set of teeth that our primitive ancestors may have needed in order to eat things that were much rougher than what we eat now. Since there have been advances in cooking, the need for them is almost non-existent. Sometimes they need to be removed by a Palm Harbor dentist while other times they can still serve a purpose. 

Are you asking “What’s the right age to get wisdom teeth extracted?” We are here to help answer that question. 

When Do Wisdom Teeth Usually Emerge?

These tend to show themselves around the age of 18 or so. This is why they are called wisdom teeth, since people of that age have gained some life experience. It’s how they emerge that can cause problems. Sometimes they can cut through gums and cause discomfort or even infections. Other times, they can be trying to come in an already crowded mouth and can’t properly move. This is known as their being impacted. 

Whatever the case, if they are not coming in properly, the Palm Harbor dentist or oral surgeon will likely take the wisdom tooth or teeth out as soon as possible. It is a fairly simple procedure that will require anesthesia and people will miss a minimal amount of time at work. They may have to wait for two weeks before being able to lift anything heavy and they may have to briefly modify their eating habits. 

Is It Common For Middle-Aged Adults To Have Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth do not always come in improperly. There are times that they fit perfectly in one’s mouth for much of their life and might necessitate removal later due to things that happen later, like crowding or impaction. But are there things to consider due to one’s advancing age? To give an answer of sorts: It depends. 

Ultimately, it comes down to improving your quality of life. While recovering from the extraction may not be as easy as it was when you were in your late teens or early twenties, it is still something that can be done. As long as you are healthy, you can have the wisdom teeth extracted even if you are older than sixty. 

Your Teeth’s Roots Should Be Developed Before Wisdom Tooth Removal

Woman Swollen Cheek Because Of Her Wisdom Tooth Extraction In Florida

The reason that dentists do not like to remove wisdom teeth in children under the age of 18 is that their teeth and jaws are still developing. Taking the wisdom teeth out then could affect the other parts of the mouth. The roots of their teeth should be completely developed before doing that the natural teeth have to be anchored in so that the removal of the wisdom teeth won’t cause problems. 

Schedule a Wisdom Tooth Extraction At a Convenient Time

Having your wisdom tooth or teeth extracted is not a terribly time-consuming procedure, especially when it is being done by an experienced oral surgeon. Barring an unexpected thing like a vein in the jaw being hit, it is an outpatient procedure and the only concession is that the patient may need to be driven home by parent or roommate or by taxi since they may be initially a little woozy after the procedure. 

The recovery process is not a tough one either. Ice can be applied to the side of their face to reduce swelling. The patient should rest the remainder of that first day. Painkillers like Tylenol can help with the pain and they should avoid drinking with a straw the first day or smoking, since either can dislodge the blood clot that covers the wound. Gently swishing with warm salt water can prevent infection. Overall, it should not take long to resume normal eating and drinking. 

Wisdom teeth can be uncomfortable for a bit but leaving them untreated if they are impacted or cutting into your gums can lead to even more problems. There is no real age restriction after you reach adulthood, so it is best to pursue the avenue of removal once you notice something. 

Are you worried about possibly having a situation with a wisdom tooth? Don’t hesitate to contact Palm Harbor’s top-rated dentist today. The dental staff at VIP Dental Center will soothe you in a spa-like environment while they work on your mouth. They will make the entire thing go smoothly. Call today to make an appointment: 727-787-2424


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