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Root Canals Procedures in Palm Harbor, FL

This is largely a painless procedure
Dental technology has advanced greatly over the decades
Patients can resume a normal life after the root canal
When it comes to root canals, few dental procedures scare patients more than this – and it’s largely a very irrational fear on their part. Simply put – root canals are …

Dental phobia is a thing of the past in Vip Dental Center we take care of you like in a spa

For many people, having a twice-yearly dental appointment is a simple matter. They make the arrangements and follow through without a second thought. There are some, though, for whom the mere idea of going to the dentist can make them want to go hide in a corner. It might have been from a bad experience …

Dental Checkups can help you maintain excellent oral health

Life can move pretty quickly once you become an adult. You may find a new job, get married, move around the country. Things pile up, especially when you have children. It can feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything you want to do… including going to the dentist’s office. This …

Preparing for Dentist in Palm Harbor, FL

You need to go to the dentist. It might be because you’ve moved or it may be because you’re fresh out of college and need to start doing that whole “adult thing.” Don’t worry. It’s not as hard as one might think. But it still begs the question: How does one get ready for a …

In this New Year resolutions Brushing and Flossing are important for oral health

It’s almost a New Year and you have a list of resolutions. The one that should be at the top is making sure you have a good oral hygiene regimen. Neglected teeth and gums can be a gateway to many illnesses and conditions like diabetes and cancer.  So make it a priority.
The first …

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