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White Spots on My Teeth: Why Do They Appear?

Decalcification of Teeth: Causes, Treatment & Prevention
You are looking in the mirror while brushing your teeth and you happen to notice that your previously perfect looking teeth now have some white spots on them. Their appearance can be very surprising and you don’t like how they make your teeth look. Time to talk to …

How To Choose Between Dentures Or Implants 5 Things To Keep In Mind

Dentures Or Implants: Choosing The Best Option For Your Dental Health
Are you missing some teeth? You need to get that space filled or your remaining teeth will start shifting to try to fill the empty space. That will then cause problems, such as making eating and talking more difficult. But you are not sure …

Dentist making a tooth filling

All You Need To Know About Replacing Your Fillings
You had a cavity filled by your Florida dentist  a while ago and are wondering when they might be at risk to have something happen to them. The last thing you want is to have a dental emergency when you don’t need one.
We are here …

A woman with her dentist in Florida

How Oral Sedation Can Keep You Calm In The Dentist’s Chair
You have an appointment with your Florida dentist. It might just be for a dental cleaning or it might be for much-needed dental work. In either case, you are scared of sitting in that chair and having work done. This is something that many …

A Florida dentist treating canker sores

Canker Sore: Causes, Treatment & Ways To Prevent It
You feel something in your mouth, on either your cheek or on your tongue. It turns out to be an ulcer called a canker sore. Usually, you just feel inconvenienced while you are eating or drinking before it goes away.
Here are some ways that a …

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