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Does Charcoal Toothpaste Work? The Truth Behind Brushing Your Teeth With Charcoal

Is Charcoal Toothpaste Safe For Your Teeth & Gums?
There are a lot of choices out there when it comes to buying toothpaste – there are literally rows and rows of it at a store or pages of it on web sites. They come in many different flavors, and it can be intimidating. Do you …

Top 5 Benefits Of Gum Contouring Or Gingivectomy

The Cosmetic & Non-Cosmetic Advantages Of Gum Reshaping
Are you looking for a way to help keep your teeth looking great? Ask your Florida dentist about gum contouring, otherwise known as a gingivectomy. The process involves the dentist using a laser or tools specifically made for this. They perform ablation, which is the removal of …

What Happens If I Leave a Broken Tooth Untreated?

Florida Dentists Explain The Dangers Of Ignoring a Cracked Tooth
You have a cracked tooth, whether from a fall, grinding your teeth or another circumstance. In any event, you might be reluctant to see a Palm Harbor dentist. Perhaps you are pressed for time or you are worried about your finances. This is ultimately a …

The Link Between Oral Hygiene & Cavities

How To Avoid Tooth Decay With Good Dental Hygiene In Florida
You want to make sure that you have healthy teeth and gums. The weather is often warm in Florida, especially in Palm Harbor. That means that there can be a lot of tempting things like soda. While keeping that in moderation can play a …

What Are The Uses Of Laser Dentistry?

The Benefits Of a Dental Laser Treatment
When you go see your Palm Harbor dentist, you may see a variety of machines and equipment there beyond the typical ones you usually see. One of them may be a laser. You may be asking yourself: What are the uses of laser dentistry?
Technology has truly made …

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