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Select the best type of dental implants for you in Palm Harbor FL

People may wonder: What are dental implants? A good amount of patients are electing to go this route.
The process first starts with the dentist or specialist ensuring that there is enough bone mass in the patient’s jaw. This is vital, because the screws cannot be put in if there is not. In an attempt …

VIP Dental Center, located in Palm Harbor, Florida, is very experienced at doing sedation dentistry.

Fear of going to the dentist, while quite common, can be quite costly. There’s a chance that you wind up with anything from a cavity to an infection that causes you to lose teeth to possibly opening the gates for diseases. So.. what can be done to make it less scary for you or other …

Restorative Dentistry creates beautiful smiles at VIP Dental Center

When you go to the dentist, you usually have a routine visit  – having your teeth cleaned, sometimes you’ll need X-rays and then you make an appointment for a visit six months down the road. You might get some pointers on proper brushing and flossing techniques. But you might also hear, depending on the condition …

Cosmetic Dentistry Results

There are several specialties of dentists, such as an endodontist, who is very familiar with the root and pulp of a tooth. Then there’s a cosmetic dentist. You might think that they fall into a category of a plastic surgeon, often used to plump up one’s vanity. You would be very wrong – they help …

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