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The Link Between Oral Hygiene & Cavities

How To Avoid Tooth Decay With Good Dental Hygiene In Florida
You want to make sure that you have healthy teeth and gums. The weather is often warm in Florida, especially in Palm Harbor. That means that there can be a lot of tempting things like soda. While keeping that in moderation can play a …

What Are The Uses Of Laser Dentistry?

The Benefits Of a Dental Laser Treatment
When you go see your Palm Harbor dentist, you may see a variety of machines and equipment there beyond the typical ones you usually see. One of them may be a laser. You may be asking yourself: What are the uses of laser dentistry?
Technology has truly made …

What To Do If You Chip Or Break a Tooth

Our Palm Harbor Dentists Share 5 Solutions To Fix Chipped Or Broken Teeth
You may have fallen and hit your mouth on something. Perhaps you took a bite of food and felt a crunch when you should not have. This can happen a wide variety of ways and your end result is either a chipped …

What Happens During a Tooth Extraction Procedure?

Our Experienced Palm Harbor Dentists Explain The Tooth Pulling Process
You may need to have a tooth extracted for a variety of reasons, ranging from gum disease to having it knocked loose during a sporting event. A wisdom tooth may have erupted and is crowding your mouth. Whatever the case, the dentist has told you …

6 Common Misconceptions & Facts About Dental Implants

Palm Harbor’s Reliable Dentists Debunk Common Misconceptions About Tooth Implants
People who have an empty space in their jaw after losing a tooth or two need to fix it – otherwise they face the possible shifting of other teeth, which can create many problems. One solution is to get a dental implant. But they often …

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