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All You Need To Know About Veneers

Everything You Need To Know About Veneer Procedures
You find yourself unhappy with the state of your teeth. Perhaps there is one that is a bit crooked as compared to the others. One may be chipped or discolored. There is a possible solution out there for you – veneers. Should you pursue it? It’s best to …

What happens when i get a dental crown near Palm Harbor, FL

During your last visit to your local dentist in Palm Harbor, did you learn that a dental crown might be necessary for you? Did it leave you wondering exactly what it is and how the entire process plays out? Is it drawn out or will it be only a visit or two? Will there be …

Soda's effects on teeth near Palm Harbor, FL

It’s another warm day – hey, it’s Florida. You’re thirsty and you want something to drink. Ah. Here’s a soda. It tastes so good going down. But while it may briefly slake your thirst, you’re also running the risk of doing lasting damage to your teeth – and you could wind up in the dentist’s …

What happens to your teeth when you eat sugar?

There are so many sugary foods out there… and they are almost ALL delicious. Your taste buds are thrilled the very second the food enters your mouth to when you finish the last morsel. But what is going on in your mouth while you are eating this? Are you raising the possibility that you may …

Proper Oral Care Routine in Palm Harbor, FL

Schools have reopened in the Palm Harbor area. Learning and education are back in full force after summer. It’s natural to be a bit rusty with studying after structure was largely thrown out with vacation. Classes, homework, and even regular work are not the only routine that people have to get back into – they …

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