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Myths and misconceptions about dental implants in Palm Harbor, Florida

Dental implants are gaining in popularity – but there are people who may not get them despite needing something stable to fill the area of a missing tooth or teeth. While dentures are a fine alternative, some may pass over the stability of the implant because of some bad information that they may have seen …

How dentists can ease patient's fears at VIP Dental in Palm Harbor, FL

Going to the dentIst can be a stressful experience for many. They may have had a bad experience before or a friend or family member may have. There’s a lot of advice for people to prepare themselves to go for an appointment. What about efforts on the dentist’s end to make things easier for those …

All about dental restoration in Clearwater, FL

Most of the time, people go to the dentist for routine check-ups. They have X-rays and then their teeth and gums checked and cleaned. They do this twice a year while hopefully keeping up a healthy oral care routine.
Things happen, though. Accidents occur – whether from a wayward pitch that’s far from the strike …

Vip Dental Center explains: some common dental questions.

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to taking care of one’s mouth. It starts not that long after birth and continues all through adulthood. While a dentist can often give great advice, it can often feel like a lot to take in.
Fear not. Here is a short list of some common …

Consider Do-It-Yourself Dentistry, at Vip Dental Center we have a 24/7 Emergency Room

At-home hacks are all the rage. People can repurpose almost anything to suit their lifestyle. Milk jugs can become vases. Bedsprings can become an overhead rack for glasses like in a bar.
The vast majority of hacks work. Though some can become detrimental. Especially those pertaining to one’s oral health. They can have extensive long-term …

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