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Consider Do-It-Yourself Dentistry, at Vip Dental Center we have a 24/7 Emergency Room

At-home hacks are all the rage. People can repurpose almost anything to suit their lifestyle. Milk jugs can become vases. Bedsprings can become an overhead rack for glasses like in a bar.
The vast majority of hacks work. Though some can become detrimental. Especially those pertaining to one’s oral health. They can have extensive long-term …

Five Dental Myths Debunked with VIP Dental Center in Palm Harbor, FL

Over the centuries, there have been myths about every aspect of health. Technology and science have been effective at debunking a lot of them, but there are still some people who stubbornly cling to them no matter what.
The dental field is no stranger to myths. Like other areas of medicine, ignoring sound advice can …

Dental Implant - Vip Dental

Dental implants have become more and more mainstream as time goes by. They are longer lasting than dentures and don’t require the same amount of daily care – they are not removed and soaked overnight, for example. People feel like they have a natural tooth again.
While the technology has vastly improved over the decades, …

Different Ways of Whitening Teeth

People’s smiles lose their whiteness over the course of time – whether from beverage choices to aging. It’s possible to regain that shine, though. You can find them at either your local pharmacy or at your dentist’s office.
Here are some ways that you can change your smile color to one that you’d like to …

There is different types of braces. Which to choose?

There are several choices for patients
Each has pros and cons
It depends on individual circumstances
There are quite a few reasons why patients visit orthodontists. The teeth may not be as straight as they like. There could be a serious over or underbite. Measures need to be taken to avoid problems later on in …

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