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Dental implants have become more and more mainstream as time goes by. They are longer lasting than dentures and don’t require the same amount of daily care – they are not removed and soaked overnight, for example. People feel like they have a natural tooth again.
While the technology has vastly improved over the decades, …

Dental issues can go beyond gingivitis
Canker sores and cold sores are just the tip
Overall oral health can improve odds
When things are going well with one’s oral health, it’s taken for granted. Then when something like gingivitis or other oral conditions crop up, it can make people long for the days of pain- …

Immediate action can help save a tooth
Incidents can include gum disease and some from accidents
Items can likely already be found in one’s home
Dental emergencies can be scary – sometimes flaring up at the worst times. Times like three in the morning on a weekend and the local dentist not being in the …

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