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Canker Sore: Causes, Treatment & Ways To Prevent It
You feel something in your mouth, on either your cheek or on your tongue. It turns out to be an ulcer called a canker sore. Usually, you just feel inconvenienced while you are eating or drinking before it goes away.
Here are some ways that a …

The Benefits Of a Dental Laser Treatment
When you go see your Palm Harbor dentist, you may see a variety of machines and equipment there beyond the typical ones you usually see. One of them may be a laser. You may be asking yourself: What are the uses of laser dentistry?
Technology has truly made …

Our Experienced Palm Harbor Dentists Explain The Tooth Pulling Process
You may need to have a tooth extracted for a variety of reasons, ranging from gum disease to having it knocked loose during a sporting event. A wisdom tooth may have erupted and is crowding your mouth. Whatever the case, the dentist has told you …

Out of the blue, you may feel irritation in the back of your mouth. Your gums start hurting in a specific area and it’s constant.The thing is, it’s not an area where you have teeth…. that you know of. A dental appointment may reveal the presence of wisdom teeth, which are back molars that are …

You might have missed your six-month check-up recently. You may have moved to Florida. A new job can quickly take away what free time you have. There may be a lot of family obligations that take up all of your social calendar. Or, just maybe, a global pandemic wound up making your stay at home …

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