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Dental implants have become more and more mainstream as time goes by. They are longer lasting than dentures and don’t require the same amount of daily care – they are not removed and soaked overnight, for example. People feel like they have a natural tooth again.

While the technology has vastly improved over the decades, there are still some possible complications to look out for.

Loose Implants

The dentist will make every effort to insure that you have enough bone mass in your jaw before putting in the titanium screws that will be acting as the root of the implant. If you have been missing teeth for a while before the implant, that might make it harder since the jaw loses mass after a while with that.

Remember, dental implants are generally not an instant thing, but sometimes same-day implants are offered. Usually there’s a weeks-long wait for the jawbone and the screw to fuse. When that fusion doesn’t happen, it’s called failed osseointegration and can lead to the implant falling out.

In any case, with either the instant or conventional implant,there may have to be adjustments afterwards, including changing the size or splinting it to another tooth.


Once the implant has been inserted, it is absolutely vital that you maintain good oral hygiene. In fact, you should be even more diligent than you were before. Otherwise you run the very real risk of an infection occurring underneath the tooth… and it may be painless at first, which will then allow it to worsen very quickly.

Besides the regular brushing, the days right after the implant has been inserted are critical. Follow the instructions that your dentist gives you to the letter. There is no flexibility with this.

Nerve Damage

Although the dentist will take extensive X-Rays and other precautions, sometimes the implant may hit a nerve and cause tingling.There’s also a slight risk that an upper implant in the front might go into the sinus cavity. There may be damage to other teeth or blood vessels. All very rare.

The benefits of the implants far outweigh any risk – all it takes is following instructions and immediately going back to the dentist if there are issues.

Overall, you need to maintain a regular visitation schedule with your dentist so that any changes can be fixed quickly or an alternative method found. Skipping these can be both disastrous and expensive.

Fortunately, the staff at VIP Dental Center are all very familiar with dental implants and will be able to guide you through any issues that may arise. Call them at (727) 787-2424.

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