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Vip Dental Center explains: some common dental questions.

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to taking care of one’s mouth. It starts not that long after birth and continues all through adulthood. While a dentist can often give great advice, it can often feel like a lot to take in.

Fear not. Here is a short list of some common dental questions. It doesn’t answer everything, but it’s a good basic primer to get people started.

How Can I keep My Mouth In Great Shape?

The best way to do this is to brush twice a day, devoting 30 seconds to each quadrant of the mouth, for two minutes each time using either a soft-bristled manual brush or an electric toothbrush. Floss once daily and use mouthwash. Avoid too much sugary food and drink. 

When it comes to beverages, the sugary soda part can be very detrimental since the chemicals in the soda along with sugar can attack the enamel.

Are X-rays Really Necessary?

Dental technology keeps steadily improving year after year. Now there are digital x-rays that can give a much clearer image instantly with even less radiation exposure. The dentist will be able to spot things more easily. 

The new wave of X-rays will make life much better for all involved. So, yes, they will remain a necessary part of the dentist’s toolkit to ensure optimum oral health. 

Why Do My Teeth Feel Sensitive to Heat and Cold?

Taking a sip of a hot or cold beverage shouldn’t make a person wince from tooth pain. Much of the time, it doesn’t. Sometimes, though, due to gum recession that exposes the nerves, they become sensitive. There is special toothpaste for sensitive teeth. The worst case scenario is a cracked tooth that might lead to needing an extraction and a crown.

When Should a Child See A Dentist For the First Time?

The best time for this would be when the child has their first tooth. This could be anywhere from when they are three months to when they are 15 months. The dentist can examine the child and assess whether they are prone to tooth decay.

This is also a great time for the dentist to converse with the baby’s parents about proper dental hygiene and how to spot possible bad habits so that they can nip those in the bud. Things like having the baby fall asleep with a bottle of milk, etc. 

How Often Should I See A Dentist?

Ideally, one should see a dentist twice a year for check-ups and cleaning. The general reasoning behind this is that if any early signs of gum disease begin to manifest, the dentist will be able to catch it in time before it becomes a full-blown periodontal disease, which is irreversible.

It depends on the state of the patient’s oral health. A dentist may even be ok with yearly visits if the patient demonstrates that they do a superior job of taking care of their teeth. On the other hand, if patient shows consistently poor oral health, the dentist may want to see them every three months until they are satisfied that the patient is back on track.

This is just the start of one’s dental education. If one stuck to just the fundamentals of brushing and flossing properly, that could carry them far – but it helps to do things like research different types of toothpaste and other dentifrices.

Whatever the question, the staff at VIP Dental Center will gladly answer it during the next appointment. Their mission is to make the dental experience a pleasant one for every patient. Give them a call at (727) 787-2424.

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