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Five Dental Myths Debunked with VIP Dental Center in Palm Harbor, FL

Over the centuries, there have been myths about every aspect of health. Technology and science have been effective at debunking a lot of them, but there are still some people who stubbornly cling to them no matter what.

The dental field is no stranger to myths. Like other areas of medicine, ignoring sound advice can be quite catastrophic… and possibly expensive. More than just teeth can be affected, as well.

While there are a lot more than just five of these things circulating around the internet and in people’s heads, this is just a start for patients to dig in and do more research. Their oral health depends on it

Having Lots of Sugar is Detrimental to Tooth Health

While having a sugar-heavy diet can be bad on several levels, including one’s waistline, it is not the cavity scourge that people imagine. Yes, it can cause them, but that’s if it’s left sitting in the mouth for a long period of time. Regular brushing and flossing can go a very long way in keeping one’s mouth in good shape.

White Teeth Is An Indicator of Oral Health

A patient stands in front of a mirror and flashes a blinding-white smile. All good, right? No, there are different levels of white. Dentists monitor one’s breath quality and cavities for determining how well one’s mouth is.

If Your Teeth Are Pain-Free, Skip the Dentist

If there’s no pain or discomfort, that means all is well, right? Can skip that dental appointment or put it off until next year, right? Incorrect. There can be things happening beneath the gumline. Also, oral cancer can start off painless. A dentist or hygienist will look for more than just clean teeth.

Brush Harder For Cleaner Teeth

Speaking of clean teeth, a patient notices some plaque at the gumline. No problem, just brush harder, right? By now, it should be obvious that is the wrong answer. Brushing harder can damage enamel and irritate the gums. Use a soft bristle, preferably an electric toothbrush, and use gentle motions.

Avoid Brushing or Flossing Bleeding Gums

If one sees blood when they brush or floss, the first inclination is to avoid the area. Unlike other situations, though, the blood is not from trauma, it’s a sign of gingivitis. That will stop with consistent brushing and flossing.

Realizing that these myths are wrong is just one way to improve one’s oral health. Looking further into other reputable sites can help educate one patient at a time. Doing this can make life easier for many people – the patient, the patient’s family, and the dentist.

The staff at VIP Dental Center knows all of these myths and will be glad to discuss them. They will show proper technique and help the patient on the path to oral wellness.

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