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Good food and bad foods for your teeth in FL

What you put in your mouth can affect a lot more than what happens to your waistline. They can either positively or negatively impact the health of your teeth and gums. You get many chances to get back into shape but you only get one set of adult teeth… and once those are gone, then you have to look at options like dentures or dental implants to fill the gap. That can be a lot more expensive than any grocery bill.

Here are both good and bad foods for your teeth.

Good Foods

There are two things that you really want to primarily look for when it comes to getting food – they should have calcium or phosphorus. Calcium is a mineral that helps strengthen your bones, which would include your teeth. The same can be said for phosphorus – it plays a big part where it comes to bones and teeth. When you eat foods rich in these, it can literally help your body heal itself on the cellular level.

Of course there are other vitamins and nutrients that you should be getting from your foods. Look for ones rich in antioxidants. You also want to make sure that there is plenty of fiber, since they can help increase saliva output, which can then wash away a lot of food particles. The choices range from cheese to broccoli to lentil greens. Yogurt is always an excellent idea.

As far as liquids go, drinking green and black tea is a good idea. Why? They both have polyphenols in them that can kill the bacteria that cause plaque and tartar in them. If your local drinking water also has fluoride in it, then your tea can be a good source of fluoride.

Bad Foods

The main ones are sticky ones, like taffy. Also, avoid candies that spend a long time in your mouth. Having a lollipop in your mouth may make you cool in your mind, but the sugar inside is having a field day with your teeth, since there’s very little washing it away. Caramel and sugary cough drops should also be avoided, since getting all that off your teeth can be quite difficult.

Other foods that are not healthy for your tooth health are ones that are hard. Like hard candy. Biting down on them can wind up with you having cracked teeth, which will necessitate emergency dental work. Also avoid foods that can get stuck in your mouth, like potato chips or soft bread. If you can’t resist eating those, make sure that you are drinking plenty of fluids.

Also, try to avoid things that dry out your mouth. If your mouth has no moisture, that means that bacteria can form in there and possibly cause gum disease and ultimately infections that can result in loosened teeth that will fall out. Sometimes this can’t be avoided, since some medications do have dry mouth as a side effect. Have a lot of water handy if that is the case.

Eat These… In Moderation

Good foods and bad foods for your teeth in FloridaNow, the thing about eating sugary foods is that it can be very hard to avoid the temptation. They can be quite delicious. You can have them, just not that often. Make sure that you are drinking something to help wash it down. That way, you can help ensure that your mouth is fairly clean. Try not to snack between meals. Chew sugarless gum to help get saliva going.

Ultimately, sticking to a diet that will keep your teeth and gums looking great is not that difficult. There are plenty of recipes out there that can liven up the most dull-tasting of foods… while keeping everything healthy. Trust us, your palate will not be hurting.

Of course, all this can only be done if you also adhere to a strict brushing and flossing routine day in and day out. Neglecting to do that will undo the dietary side, since food particles can remain and cause tooth decay and ultimately gum disease. Also, drink a lot of water. That can help keep your mouth cleaner and there’s nothing in it that can negatively interact with your mouth, unlike soda, which can attack your teeth with every swallow.

If you live in the Palm Harbor area, come see the excellent dental staff at VIP Dental Center. Not only are they well-versed in brushing technique, they can help you along the path with nutrition. Give them a call today (727-787-2424) to make an appointment – and they also have a 24/7 dental emergency room. Come see for yourself.

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