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A Florida dentist treating canker sores

Canker Sore: Causes, Treatment & Ways To Prevent It

You feel something in your mouth, on either your cheek or on your tongue. It turns out to be an ulcer called a canker sore. Usually, you just feel inconvenienced while you are eating or drinking before it goes away.

Here are some ways that a Florida dentist can treat canker sores.

How Do You Get Canker Sores?

Before we get to the solution, it is always a good idea to know how you get them in the first place. Then you could possibly make some lifestyle adjustments so that you can greatly reduce the chances of getting them in the first place. There are several factors that could come into play:

  • Stress – Canker sores can appear days after a stressful event. Something might be released that creates them.
  • Putting certain things in your mouth, like pens – There might be germs on them that wind up creating the canker sores.
  • Irritation from things in your mouth, like braces – When something keeps rubbing in your mouth, the result might be a canker sore
  • Allergies from something you ate.  – There might be an ingredient in a meal that just does not agree with your system. Try to pinpoint what you ate and see if you can narrow it down.
  • Eating acidic food. – Acidic food can create irritation in your mouth. Watch your intake of these foods.
  • Using toothpaste, which has sodium lauryl sulfate –  This ingredient in many types of toothpastes, can cause canker sores. Fortunately for you, there are a lot of alternative toothpastes that do not have it and still get the seal of approval from the ADA.

In any case, it can be quite uncomfortable, and if it is in a prominent place in your mouth, like the tip of your tongue, it can be unsightly.

Can You Get Rid Of Them At Home?

A Florida dentist treating canker sores

While you might not be able to fully get rid of them, you can get things that you can use to manage them. Some of them are already in your home. You can do some of the below things:

  • Swish Warm Salt Water In Your Mouth –  You might think that salt water would actually irritate your canker sore. Instead, it can kill bacteria around it and keep it from getting infected.
  • Get Over-The-Counter Ointments – There are ointments out there that can minimize the discomfort from the canker sore. Be sure to only apply as much as directed, since too much might make you feel ill.
  • Take Pain Medication – You can find medication like ibuprofen to handle the discomfort from the canker sore while it is in your mouth. Be sure to follow all directions and stop using it if you feel stomach pain or pain in other parts.

This may not work for everyone, which is why it is a good idea to see a dentist if the canker sore persists.

Lasers Are a Possibility

Some dental offices are using soft tissue diode lasers to modify the nerve conduction in the canker sore. At the same time, the soft tissue is vaporized and the area around it is sterilized. You will heal quickly, since the laser will speed up the cell regeneration. This is good, since the mouth typically heals fast as it is, but you will have less discomfort during the healing process.

While this is not an option at every dentist, it is something that is worth inquiring about before you go in for a visit. That way, you will be prepared and be ready for other options.

Once the canker sore is gone, it’s a good idea to catalog what might have brought it on. Were you under a lot of stress? Do you have a habit of putting things in your mouth that don’t belong there? Are you a fan of too much acidic food? Could you be allergic to certain foods? Might it be your toothpaste? Try to narrow it down and then see if you can cut that out of your life.

Are you worried that you have a canker sore and want it to go away fast? Come see Florida’s best dentists at VIP Dental Center in Palm Harbor. The staff will treat you like you are at a spa day while you are being treated. Call today to make an appointment: 727-787-2424.


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