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Myths and misconceptions about dental implants in Palm Harbor, Florida

Dental implants are gaining in popularity – but there are people who may not get them despite needing something stable to fill the area of a missing tooth or teeth. While dentures are a fine alternative, some may pass over the stability of the implant because of some bad information that they may have seen on the internet or from friends and/or family members. 

These are some of the more common myths and misconceptions about dental implants

Only the Elderly Need Them

When people think of candidates for dental implants, they tend to envision senior citizens in the dentist’s chair. That’s as far from the truth as possible. People of all ages have gotten them for reasons ranging from mouth trauma to gum disease. It’s far from something that only older people need. 

The only ones that are automatically excluded are children under the age of 20. That’s because their jawbones have not finished forming and getting the implants would not work because of the shifting going on. But that doesn’t mean that every adult is automatically a candidate for dental implants, either. There are several factors the dentist considers, including how much mass the patient’s jawbone has. If there’s not enough and things like bone grafts don’t work, then other options, like dentures, are in play. 

They Don’t Look Natural

People are afraid that the dental implant will be noticeable when the patient opens their mouth. This is a misconception based on past knowledge. Dental technology has improved vastly even in the short span of five years. Dental implants are able to be created to be the same shade as the other teeth in the patient’s mouth and can be set in there to sit much like a natural tooth.

The dental implant is anchored by a screw and the replacement tooth actually just acts like the old one. People with dental implants eat and talk just like they did before they got them and their friends and family members are none the wiser unless the patient tells them. 

They Are Too Expensive

This one requires some thinking about the long-term value of the dental implants versus the cheaper option of dentures. They may cost more up front, but since they also last up to 25 years as opposed to the 7-10 years of one set of dentures, that cost per-year or even per-day is much less. Also, they require a lot less care than the dentures – just regular brushing and flossing as opposed to having to remove the dentures, brush them and then soak them overnight.

So, with the durability difference and the ease of use, the implants turn out to be a much better buy even with the larger initial price sticker. Also, dental offices often offer financing, so that there won’t be such a large lump sum needed. 

Getting Them Hurt

The idea of having a screw drilled into one’s jawbone does give some people pause. They are afraid it’s going to be very painful. That’s not true – the dentist uses anesthesia that will make it painless – and there is usually only minimal discomfort afterward… and it goes away as the healing process begins. Also, the two-to-six month wait is worth it for the implant to firmly fuse with the jawbone. 

They Are Too Difficult To Take Care of

Some people may be worried about the safety of the implants – initially there may have been some problems, but as the decades went by, dentists learned what works and what doesn’t – and there is a 95% success rate. Other difficulties may be because of underlying issues like TMJ. 

Dental implants are a great option for a lot of people who may not know that because some of the above misconceptions may have kept them from even considering it. Since they are so long-lasting, they would wind up being a great thing for them – and now they are armed with the knowledge to talk with their dentist about it.

The staff at VIP Dental Center go the extra mile when it comes to working with patients through the whole dental implant process. They put them at ease from the very second they walk through the door and then carefully explain everything – and then they ensure that each visit goes smoothly. Have questions about the process? Give them a call to make an appointment: 727-787-2424.

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