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Dental issues can go beyond gingivitis
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Overall oral health can improve odds

When things are going well with one’s oral health, it’s taken for granted. Then when something like gingivitis or other oral conditions crop up, it can make people long for the days of pain- or irritation-free life.

While some of these conditions can be sudden, many present early warning signs to prompt one to go to the dentist. Here are some symptoms that people should be watching out for with their mouths.

Bad Breath

Chronic bad breath or halitosis can make one’s social life be very awkward since it makes one-on-one interactions challenging. There are multiple things that can cause this, including food particles that are stuck in teeth to gingivitis to foods with certain smells.

Bad breath can also be caused by dry mouth. Since the mouth can’t produce the necessary saliva to keep it moist, then that can create bad breath and open the door to things like gingivitis and gum disease. It can be a side effect of certain medications and diseases like HIV and cancer. Dry mouth can also be a serious impediment to wearing dentures.

Jaw Issues

Opening and shutting one’s mouth is something that they do many times a day without consciously thinking about it. They do things like taking a big bite of food, laughing, talking, chewing, and other things. Well, it’s second nature until something happens. Their jaw may crack whenever they open their mouths. They may be beset by TMD, or Temporomandibular Disorder.

Tongue And Lip Problems

Just like the jaw, one doesn’t tend to think much about their tongue and lips until something goes wrong with them. Then it often becomes the only thing on their minds until things get better.

Cold sores can bother the lips. Canker sores are thought of as possible stress reactors inside the mouth.

One issue that is usually harmless is a fissured tongue. It’s largely hereditary and the symptoms are grooves on the top and side of the tongue. Dentists are rarely alarmed by this unless there’s swelling and drooping of the face on one side (Bell’s Palsy) – that can be a sign of Melkersson-Rosenthal, which can come and go.

Oral Cancer

When one goes to the dentist, one thing that is always looked for are possible signs of oral cancer. While people who smoke, chew tobacco or drink heavily can be in the highest risk factor group, anyone can possibly get it – there may be genetic factor involved.

There are other things that can happen to one’s mouth, including gingivitis and gum disease. While doing things like not smoking and drinking alcohol in moderation, if at all, can improve one’s chances of having great oral health, the main activities that can truly tilt the odds in a person’s favor are the standbys of brushing thoroughly for two minutes twice a day and flossing. That can prevent possible disease-causing bacteria from making their way into a person’s mouth.

The staff at VIP Dental can handle all kinds of conditions beyond just general cleaning. They also have a dental emergency room open 24/7.

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