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At-home hacks are all the rage. People can repurpose almost anything to suit their lifestyle. Milk jugs can become vases. Bedsprings can become an overhead rack for glasses like in a bar.

The vast majority of hacks work. Though some can become detrimental. Especially those pertaining to one’s oral health. They can have extensive long-term ramifications if not fixed early.

Here are a few at-home do-it-yourself things one should think twice about:

Using Invisalign-like trays without supervision 

Technology sure makes things easy nowadays. People can just go online to order a mold to bite down on and then send to a company who will make customized trays that will straighten their teeth over time. Awesome, right?

Wrong. While it sounds practical in theory, there ‘s no supervision and correcting any problems can be costly and time-consuming. On the other hand, doing this under the watchful eye of a trained dentist can make the whole thing go much more smoothly. The health of one’s teeth is not an area to cut corners.

Rubber bands to straighten teeth

Yes, this is another “corner-cutting” scenario.Yes, financial situations can make people seek out desperate measures to fix crooked teeth. One scenario is that they just put rubber bands around their teeth to straighten them out. This has played out before. The results are not pretty – the teeth can be made even more crooked and infections can occur after the bands get under the gum lines.

Braces may not be the most aesthetically pleasing, but they can be quite effective when done by a professional who can make necessary adjustments. Otherwise, the money that one envisions saving with the rubber-band method can be sunk into fixing the mess.

Using Charcoal To Whiten Teeth 

There are products out there like charcoal powder or charcoal toothpaste that claim they can whiten teeth even better than traditional toothpastes while being safe on enamel. These are not done by the usually well-known toothpaste makers and none have been approved by the ADA.

Some people may sing the praises of these products but the long-term effects are still not known. It’s better to stick to the tried-and-true methods like ADA-approved whitening toothpastes or mouthwashes, whitening strips or having the dentist use high-strength whitening gels in the office.

The temptation to try to save money can be a strong one. People do have to feed families and pay other bills, after all. Still, given that one only gets one set of adult teeth, it makes sense to do whatever is best to preserve them. Over the long run, they will save money by avoiding expensive emergency procedures.

The staff at VIP Dental has seen many attempts of at-home care go awry – that’s why they have a 24/7 Emergency Room. They can give some tips though, during the exam. Give them a call at 727-787-2424

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