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6 Common Misconceptions & Facts About Dental Implants

Palm Harbor’s Reliable Dentists Debunk Common Misconceptions About Tooth Implants

People who have an empty space in their jaw after losing a tooth or two need to fix it – otherwise they face the possible shifting of other teeth, which can create many problems. One solution is to get a dental implant. But they often are not sure that it is right for them. This tends to stem from misconceptions about dental implants.

All it takes is a bit of research to find out the real facts about dental implants. Then they can go make an informed decision.

To help, Palm Harbor’s reliable dentists debunk common misconceptions about tooth implants. Here are six of them.

Implants Are Only For Older People

This is a very common one. While older people do tend to need things like dentures or dental implants, they are far from the only audience for this. Things happen to people of all ages. They can get gum disease and have teeth fall out. There may be an accident during a spirited game of basketball. Genetics may play a part. Plenty of young people wind up getting dental implants.

Implants Require A Lot Of Care & Maintenance

It’s quite the opposite. The crown that is put in acts just like a natural tooth. People can largely eat the same things that they did before the implant, with a few exceptions, like hard candy or ice. As far as brushing and flossing go, they follow the same oral hygiene routine that they did beforehand, with just a slightly different flossing technique. It’s all a matter of just keeping up a good oral health routine and sticking to twice-yearly dental visits to monitor how the implants are holding up.

This is not to say that they are something that people can forget about. If they don’t pay attention to brushing and flossing, then it can turn into a situation where gum disease can set in and cause problems down the road. All people have to do is be diligent, which does not require extra time out of their day.

Dental Implants Are Temporary

Here is yet another case of it being the opposite. They can last up to 25 years before needing to be replaced. Once the implant is in, it basically becomes another tooth. The only thing that can wind up making it become temporary is if the patient neglects their oral health. Then things can become problematic and require more work to be done in that area of the mouth or around it.

Tooth Implant Surgery Is Painful

This is just not true for the vast majority of people who have this procedure. The dentists will apply a local anesthetic to the area, and while they do cut into the gumline, the medication prevents any pain. There is drilling in the jawbone, but there are no nerve endings, so there is no pain there either. While there may be discomfort with the healing process, most people are able to manage it with an over-the-counter painkiller. Soon, things feel like they did before.

Implants Usually Fall Out

The main reason for any implant failure is if the bone structure where the implant is placed thins out. Patients have to have a certain amount of bone mass in their jaw before the Palm Harbor dentist or specialist will insert the screw that becomes the replacement root for the implant. They may have to resort to a bone graft to thicken that area.The success rate for implants is quite high, and the implants stay in place except for the above reason.

Dental Implants Are Expensive

Happy Woman After A Dental Implant Extraction In Palm Harbor, FLWhile they may seem initially on the expensive side, people need to look at the long-term benefits. They are durable and they more than pay for themselves over the course of the 25 years or so that they last. There’s no need for possible constant repairs or relining like dentures, and they don’t need to be removed each night and soaked. Also, dentists are more than glad to work with patients with financing over a period of time as opposed to just one lump sum.

The whole dental implant process can take several months, so it’s important for people to know that before starting. Also, follow the instructions every step of the way and don’t hesitate to contact a Palm Harbor dentist if there is any excess pain or bleeding after several days. Dental implants have become much more routine so the chances of something happening are quite slim, but stay on top of matters to keep them from possibly getting worse.

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