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Soda's effects on teeth near Palm Harbor, FL

It’s another warm day – hey, it’s Florida. You’re thirsty and you want something to drink. Ah. Here’s a soda. It tastes so good going down. But while it may briefly slake your thirst, you’re also running the risk of doing lasting damage to your teeth – and you could wind up in the dentist’s chair having a cavity or two filled. Your soda habit could lead to that.

What exactly is the correlation here? Why is doing this more harmful than other things? It does involve chemistry, but fortunately, you don’t have to have majored in it to understand what happened.

Learning about it is the best thing you can do. Here is what you need to know about soda’s effects on teeth.

It’s All About Chemistry

There’s a lot going on in your mouth when you take that first gulp of sugary soda. You have bacteria in there and when the sugar hits it, then that starts a chemical reaction that creates an acid that will be attacking your enamel. Diet soda has its own reaction, so you can’t duck that just by having that version. If you are a kid or a teen, then you are more at-risk, since your enamel has not fully formed.

Another thing is that these drinks contain WELL over the daily allotment of sugar that either a man or woman should have. So it can affect everything from your teeth to your body fat. But it’s so tempting. There’s a reason why the soft drink market is a multi-billion-dollar one. It can be quite hard to ignore the advertising and how easy it is to get.

The Effects Continue After Each Gulp

Effects of Soda on your teethThe thing is – that your teeth are under attack by this sugary acid for 20 minutes at a time… with each gulp. So it’s a continuous thing, especially if you enjoy several sodas over the course of a day at the beach or a pool. If you are. not careful, then you could risk significant damage to your teeth if you do not tend to them right away after finishing your drinks. There’s a reason why there’s a slogan: “Sip All Day, Get Decay.”

One thing you DEFINITELY do not want to do is have soda before bed. That will just set you up to both get dehydrated and have the bacteria and sugar attack your teeth all night long.  Also, if you’re not careful, it could raise your risk of diabetes, too. Stick with water in the evening and you should be fine with your tooth care. The soda can wait until the next day.

What Can You Do?

As far as drinking soda goes, a straw could minimize the amount of time that the soda is on your teeth before you swallow. Ultimately, it would be best to have water be your main source of hydration, perhaps adding a lemon for flavor every now and then. Soda can be quite tempting, though. Just be sure that you have that water nearby so that you can rinse out the remaining sugar that is attacking your teeth. Then you can brush your teeth like a half-hour later to ensure that your mouth stays healthy.

You can still have soda, but try to have it in moderation, even diet soda, which is not as harsh on the mouth. Sports drinks also tend to have a lot of sugar in them ,so while you are staying hydrated, you are still putting your teeth at risk. Having plenty of water can be great for more than your teeth – your skin and other parts of your body reap the benefits from drinking a sensible amount of water each day. A well-hydrated body moves around a lot better. Then you will really smile and enjoy life.

Not only can the staff at VIP Dental Center help you with the effects of soda on your teeth, they can also do things like whiten them so that they look great. They can also give you tips on proper brushing technique… and you can have this done while enjoying your appointment in a spa-like atmosphere. If you live in or near the Palm Harbor, Florida area, give them a call today – 727-787-2424.

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