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The Leading Causes Of Bad Breath

All About Bad Breath, Halitosis & Its Causes

Bad breath is something that people are self-conscious about. They usually don’t want to be causing other people discomfort when they are talking. It’s embarrassing to see someone wrinkle their nose in disgust when the other person opens their mouth. But breath mints only mask the issue. There’s also the possibility that the bad breath can be an indicator of something else going on. You should talk to a Palm Harbor dentist.

Interested in finding out more? Read on to learn all about bad breath, halitosis, and its causes.

A Dry Mouth & Throat Can Cause Bad Breath

Saliva does a lot more than just help you swallow food and drinks. It also washes away food particles and bacteria that could otherwise build up and cause things like gum disease and tooth loss. If your mouth or your throat gets too dry regularly, whether from a condition or something like chemotherapy, those two things will build up and they can cause bad breath due to their decaying there in your mouth rather than going into your stomach.

It’s important to keep your mouth hydrated. Drink a lot of water – this will wash away the things that the missing saliva can’t. There are also mouthwashes that can help you – avoid ones with alcohol in them since that will have the opposite effect. Be sure to monitor the state of your mouth and be ready to drink more fluids if you see it becoming overly dry.

Poor Dental Hygiene & Habits Can Lead To Tooth Decay

This is one of the chief reasons. People need to adhere to a good dental routine which includes carefully brushing one’s teeth twice a day and flossing once a day. When brushing, they should brush each quadrant for 30 seconds, using an electric toothbrush if possible. This equals two minutes and that should be done twice a day. When flossing, they should do it slowly and carefully, not jaggedly like they are using a saw to remove“ something.

If they don’t adhere to a good oral routine, then they run the risk of gum disease. It can start off with gingivitis, which is inflammation of the gums. This is reversible, but once it reaches the next stage, which is periodontitis. Bacteria and food particles that are in their mouth will decay and cause bad breath. Avoid having this happen by spending five minutes each day brushing and flossing.

Bad Breath Can Be An Early Sign Of Gum Disease

While there are other reasons for bad breath, gum disease could be the culprit behind chronic halitosis. That is because the bacteria or plaque in your mouth could be making sulfur-producing compounds, which are very smelly. If your Palm Harbor dentist treats the gum disease, then you will likely have much better breath, unless you have one of the other reasons for it also going on. Then you might have to dig deeper to figure out what is going on.

Smoking, Chewing Tobacco & Other Bad Habits

There are two types of bad breath due to smoking and chewing tobacco. Other people may smell the nicotine and other chemicals from the tobacco. Then there are also compounds that can mix with your saliva and cause bad breath. Drinking alcohol can also dry out your mouth and the same can happen from other drinks that dehydrate you, like certain sodas. Drink water along with these to keep your mouth moist.

Preventing Bad Breath With Regular Dental Checkups

Preventing Bad Breath With Regular Dental Checkups In Palm Harbor, FL

This is an important part of keeping your breath smelling good. If you see your dentist twice a year, chances are excellent that they will catch anything that may cause issues with your breath in its early stages. If you wait a long time between appointments, then things are much more likely to have advanced to a state that is much harder to fix. Do not miss these appointments.

Communication is important here. You need to mention that your breath has become worse since the last appointment. The dentist or hygienist can then investigate to see what is going on. They want to ensure that there is not something like cancer lurking under there. Do not hesitate to talk about this. Your Palm Harbor dentist is there to hear what is going on with your mouth and fix it.

Bad breath is something that you should not deal with by routinely popping breath mints or using mouthwash to mask the problem. It will keep going and it can create problems down the road that can result in lost teeth and expensive dental work. Be proactive – seeing a dentist will be the best first step toward having situations where you don’t feel tight-lipped when talking about people.

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