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Top 5 Benefits Of Gum Contouring Or Gingivectomy

The Cosmetic & Non-Cosmetic Advantages Of Gum Reshaping

Are you looking for a way to help keep your teeth looking great? Ask your Florida dentist about gum contouring, otherwise known as a gingivectomy. The process involves the dentist using a laser or tools specifically made for this. They perform ablation, which is the removal of excess gum tissue. It can help both the overall appearance of your smile and also your gum health.

Read on to learn the cosmetic & non-cosmetic advantages of gum reshaping.

It Can Help Reduce Tooth Sensitivity

You may have sensitive teeth due to the fact that your gums have eroded. This can be due to genetics or your brushing too hard, which can wear away your gums. The result is gums exposing nerves of your teeth and your feeling pain when you drink something hot or cold. It’s not a fun thing and gum contouring can help reduce that. The dentist can work with this along with a gum graft to help get the gum fitting snugly over the tooth again to protect the nerve while keeping your smile looking great.

The Perfect Choice For Gum Disease Prevention

When you have more in the way of gum tissue, that means there is more chance for bacteria to get under and start making plaque, which can quickly become tartar, which needs to be removed by a dentist. If left alone, an infection can occur, which will rapidly spread and weaken your surrounding teeth. That means expensive surgery. The gingivectomy will reduce the amount of tissue, which then means that less bacteria can get in and create problems. That’s an excellent thing for you and your teeth.

Another benefit is that the removal of the excess gum tissue can help prevent gum disease from coming back to that spot. The contouring process slows down any gum disease and keeps it from progressing to the state where it can get worse.

Gum Contouring Can Permanently Fix a Gummy Smile

There are people who have a lot of gum that cover their teeth. This is often due to genetics, but other things, like prescription drugs or even when gum tissue is inflamed. Are you one of those people afraid of smiling since it tends to show a lot more gum and very little in the way of teeth? That can change with gum contouring. This procedure can remove the excess gum that is above the teeth and allow people to see more of those pearly whites.

Get a Straighter & More Symmetrical Gum Line

There are times that the amount of gum covering each tooth is quite unequal. In order to fix this, the dentist can get them to match. This is done to get your gums looking aesthetically pleasing. The tools can ensure that each tooth is snugly in a gum pocket that is the same length as the one next to it. That will then produce a row of teeth that are nice to look at.

Enhance Your Smile With Healthier Looking Teeth!

A woman having gum contouring in Palm Harbor, FL.Your smile can say so much about you… and if you are afraid to show it off, it can hurt you both personally and professionally. The gum contouring can make you feel confident again. The person who is afraid to smile because they are afraid people might laugh at their gummy teeth will be gone, replaced by someone with great looking teeth. That can then possibly boost your life in both those categories. Improving your confidence is not vanity, it’s important.

Your dentist may suggest doing contouring if you are having a crown lengthened or having a gum pocket reduced or something like a gum graft. It’s usually a very fast procedure that takes only one visit. The recovery time for this is also pretty short, which means you can get back to your normal routine quickly with minimal soreness and discomfort.

The only thing that you have to consider is the cost. Your insurance may not pay for it since it is cosmetic dentistry. Dentists often offer financing plans, so it is worth it to ask about that before having the procedure done. Then you can go enjoy your new smile.

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