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There is different types of braces. Which to choose?

There are several choices for patients

Each has pros and cons

It depends on individual circumstances

There are quite a few reasons why patients visit orthodontists. The teeth may not be as straight as they like. There could be a serious over or underbite. Measures need to be taken to avoid problems later on in life as one’s jaw shifts to create an awkward appearance and even hinder their ability to speak clearly, among other things.

People have a choice of ways to straighten their teeth. These are the most popular types of braces for them to consider.


This is the process for Invisalign:  Patients have a mold made of their mouth. A series of custom mouthguards are made and then worn for a certain amount of time before the next in the series. Over the course of time, if the patient does it right, their teeth straighten. They can take them out to eat and to brush their teeth – all other times they wear the guards, even while sleeping.

There are things to consider before deciding to go with Invisalign. While they may require fewer visits to the dentist’s office, they are still a big investment in time – patients have to wear them all day, every day. There is the convenience factor of them being taken out during meals, but they could easily wind up being accidentally thrown out in a crowded situation like a high school cafeteria – because teens are so known for keeping track of things.

Also, it’s extremely important that they wear each mouthguard for the amount of time directed and

Traditional (Metal) Braces

This is the tried-and-true method of straightening one’s teeth. Braces have been around in one form or another since 1728. Brackets are glued to the front of teeth and metal bands are run through them. Arch wire and rubber bands are used, as well. Those bands are tightened periodically to bring teeth closer together and to allow one’s mouth to shift to a better alignment for their bite.

There are a few trade-offs when he comes to these. First, the patient will have to make regular visits to the dentist to have the braces tightened or readjusted to continue the straightening process. There is often a period of discomfort after this happens – it’s a cycle where the patient gets used to the current level and then it’s adjusted again.

People with traditional braces can’t eat like they did before. Certain foods can get stuck in between the wires – and chewing gum is out of the picture. Small sacrifices will have to be made until the braces are removed.

Clear (Ceramic) Braces

Some patients prefer these in that the material is clear and much harder for other people to notice. Earlier versions used to stain teeth but the technology has vastly improved.

The biggest consideration here is the cost – clear braces are more expensive than traditional ones because of the material used. Also, these are better for short-term plans since they are not as durable as the traditional braces.

There are other options, like behind-the-teeth braces, but the above ones are the ones most commonly chosen by patients.

Whatever you need, the staff at VIP Dental Center will ensure that the whole process goes smoothly. They also make sure that the patients are made to feel comfortable from the second they walk into the office to when they leave.


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