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VIP 5 Star Discount Plan

It’s better than most commercial dental insurance.

Designed exclusively for those without dental insurance…to provide affordability and greater access to quality dental care.


With your Discount & Savings Plan there are :

  1. No annual maximums
  2. No deductibles
  3. No claim forms
  4. No waiting periods
  5. No pre-existing condition exclusions or limitations
  6. No pre-authorization requirements

Benefits Start Immediately


Annual Premium

Single Adult $219
Dual (Couple) $427
Family (3) $624
Family (4) $821

Each additional family member


You will not receive a membership card. Your effective date will be on file with our office


What’s Covered

Treatment                           Discount

Diagnostic Services

Comprehensive Exams

(new patient-initial visit) 100%
Periodic Exam (2 per year) 100%
Limited (emergency) Exam 100%
Panoramic x ray (1 per year) 100%
Single x rays 100%

Preventative Services

Child Prophylaxis
2 cleanings per year 100%
Adult Prophylaxis
2 cleanings per year 100%
Additional routine cleanings 25%
Fluoride (2 per year children < 16) 100%
Sealants 25%

Other Procedures

Bleaching (whitening) 10%
Cosmetic Fillings 25%
Crowns 25%
Veneers 25%
Dentures & Partials 25%
Extractions 25%
Sealants 25%
Oral Surgery 25%
Root Canals 25%
Scaling & Root planning 25%
Periodontal Maintenance 50%

***If diagnosed with Periodontal disease

You will need 4 periodontal maintenance cleanings a year.

Terms of Usage Program and Limitations Disclosures

This program is a discount plan-it is not a dental insurance. The plan is only available to individuals that don’t have dental insurance.  It cannot be used

  1. In conjunction with any insurance plan
  2. For services covered by workmans comp
  3. For services covered by any other medical or dental insurance

Program Guidelines

  1. This plan is honored only at VIP Dental Center in Palm Harbor Florida or Dental Emergency Room Clearwater
  2. Patients’ portion of fee is due at time of service or treatment
  3. No refunds of premiums will be issued at anytime if participant chooses not to utilize this discount plan.

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