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Select the best type of dental implants for you in Palm Harbor FL

People may wonder: What are dental implants? A good amount of patients are electing to go this route.

The process first starts with the dentist or specialist ensuring that there is enough bone mass in the patient’s jaw. This is vital, because the screws cannot be put in if there is not. In an attempt to improve the situation, a process called a bone graft may be done.

There are several types of dental implants.


This is a new one. Patients can get an entire row of upper or lower teeth on four screws. It’s a great process for those who need a lot of teeth at once, since it’s such a time-saver.. The drawbacks are that these are for the front areas, not the back molars, which is where people tend to bite the hardest. These also require the patient to have the most bone mass.

Traditional implants

The dentist or specialist cleans out the area of the missing tooth or teeth and then surgically inserts titanium screws that will fuse with the jawbone and act as the new root of the replacement tooth. After a waiting period for the fusion to occur, the tooth is attached. It acts like a natural tooth and should be treated as such. Patients can go back to eating and drinking as normal.

Mini implants

These use smaller screws, which can be good for those patients who do not have quite enough bone mass to have the traditional implants. It’s also been said that there is an even faster recovery time from these than with the traditional implants.

Same-day implants

These are not going to be as secure as the other since the screws will not have time to fuse with any bone.

Besides the concerns about bone mass, the other thing that may prevent patients from going ahead with the procedure is the cost. Since insurance tends to cover very little, if any, of it due to it being cosmetic, much of the bill will be the patient’s responsibility. The implants can cost a good amount of money and some people may not have the budget. In that case, they may go with dentures instead. But people who have had the implants have generally been pleased.

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