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What To Do If You Chip Or Break a Tooth

Our Palm Harbor Dentists Share 5 Solutions To Fix Chipped Or Broken Teeth

You may have fallen and hit your mouth on something. Perhaps you took a bite of food and felt a crunch when you should not have. This can happen a wide variety of ways and your end result is either a chipped or broken tooth.

That leaves you asking the question: What To Do If You Chip Or Break a Tooth? Need a solution? You have come to the right place. Our Palm Harbor dentists share 5 solutions to fix chipped or broken teeth.

What You Can Do To Prevent a Chipped Tooth

  • Chewing Or Biting Hard Foods Can Crack Your Teeth

    Yes, your teeth are strong, especially if you have been taking care of them and also eating foods with calcium, among other things. That being said, they are not indestructible. If you like to do things like chew on ice or have hard candies like jawbreakers (which can be TOOTHBREAKERS), then you run the risk of having them crack or chip your tooth. This also includes biting on things like pens or pencils or your nails.

  • Severe Tooth Decay Or Cavities May Weaken Your Teeth

    You also have to take care of your teeth, too. That means that you have to brush twice a day and floss. Otherwise tooth decay can severely weaken the structure of your tooth. That can then lead to your biting down on something that would usually not be problematic and getting a chipped or broken tooth.

Mouthguards For Teeth Grinding Or Bruxism

A lot of people are grinding their teeth while they are asleep and they are not even aware that they are doing it. They may notice a sore jaw the next day, but not much else. The constant grinding of the teeth will ultimately weaken them and leave them susceptible to things like a chipped tooth or even a cracked tooth. This will occur over time.

There is a solution for this – a mouthguard. You go to your Florida dentist and they make a mold of your mouth. A couple of weeks later, a mouthguard will come to the dentist’s office. This is made of a soft material that will keep your upper and lower teeth from touching each other while you sleep. Then you won’t have the risk of chipped or broken teeth due to bruxism.

Restorative & Cosmetic Options For Chipped Teeth

If your tooth is chipped, there are several choices to pick from. Here are five of them:
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  • Tooth Recontouring

    Your dentist may also call this tooth reshaping. If your tooth is chipped, you can have him or her make changes to it to make it look more natural. They use a substance to fill the empty space and then sculpt it to make it look how the tooth did before. It involves some enamel being removed, so your tooth might get a bit sensitive to hot and cold, but otherwise it is painless.

  • Dental Crowns For Fractured Teeth

    When a tooth is too cracked to be repaired but you don’t want it extracted, then the dentist will put a crown over it to protect the tooth. The crown is strong, but it is not indestructible, so exercise caution with what you eat… otherwise you will be paying for another crown.

  • A Dental Implant Is a Great Option To Replace Severely Damaged Teeth

    If your tooth is too damaged and there is a chance an infection may develop, then your dentist may elect to remove it and replace it with a dental implant. It can take up to six months, but you essentially get a brand new tooth there that acts just like the old one. You won’t have to remove it to brush your teeth and you can pretty much eat what you did before.

  • Root Canal Therapy

    Should your tooth be cracked due to a cavity and the decay has reached the root, the dentist will do a root canal, which involves them drilling into the tooth and removing both the root and the pulp, rendering the tooth dead. They then cover the tooth with a crown to protect it as you resume your normal eating.

  • Porcelain Veneers

    This is a thin sliver of porcelain that looks like a normal tooth. Your dentist will remove a bit of enamel and glue the veneer to the front of the tooth. You could pick this option for a chipped tooth and have your natural smile restored. Veneers can be quite durable if you take care of what you eat or drink.

You want to get your great smile back after something like this has happened… and the above options are there for you… it also depends on your budget. Some are more expensive than others. Talk with your dentist about what will work best for you. Then you can be confident in showing your teeth to others again.

Contact a Qualified Dental Clinic In Florida

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