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What Happens If I Leave a Broken Tooth Untreated?

Florida Dentists Explain The Dangers Of Ignoring a Cracked Tooth

You have a cracked tooth, whether from a fall, grinding your teeth or another circumstance. In any event, you might be reluctant to see a Palm Harbor dentist. Perhaps you are pressed for time or you are worried about your finances. This is ultimately a bad idea.

This is such an important thing that we decided to have Florida dentists explain the dangers of ignoring a cracked tooth:

Your Teeth Can Get Infected Due To Bacteria

Your mouth is constantly teeming with bacteria. While it sounds disgusting, it’s the same with all people. When you swallow, you wash away much of the bacteria. That is not the case with a cracked tooth. To bacteria, an untreated cracked tooth is an open invitation to come in and proliferate. This is a recipe for disaster if you allow it to continue unabated.

That bacteria can then possibly cause problems with your teeth and gums. The area around your tooth may get red and tender. That is the infection. If your Palm Harbor dentist does not treat it swiftly, then it can rapidly spread and cause a lot of other problems. Then you will wind up possibly needing even more expensive work. The bacteria can also enter your bloodstream and cause other health issues.

It Can Cause Tooth Sensitivity

A cracked tooth, depending on how extensive the crack, can expose the root of your tooth. That will then make drinking hot and cold beverages very uncomfortable. You want to have that sensitivity taken care of as rapidly as possible. Otherwise it can make life difficult with even the most mundane of tasks.

A Cracked Tooth Can Lead To Cavities

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Besides worrying about bacteria causing an infection, you have to worry about it attacking your weakened enamel and ultimately breaking it down. This will cause your dentin to decay and you will get a cavity. The result can be extreme discomfort very quickly.

It can be quite hard to do a filling with a cracked tooth, especially if the damage is extensive, so the dentist may elect to do a root canal and then cover the now dead tooth with a crown. That way, it will be protected from both bacteria and more damage.

The Worst Scenario: Tooth Loss

This is what you do not want to happen… but if you ignore the cracked tooth for too long, the other issues may build up to a point that it is irreversible or the tooth loosens so much that it falls out. Then that results in an empty space in your mouth that needs to be filled. Why? Because the other teeth in your mouth will try to shift to fill the empty spot. That can create trouble with talking and chewing and just create an unflattering look.

If the result is a lost tooth, after the dentist has ensure that there are no underlying infections, they may fill the space with a dental implant. This will act like a natural tooth, and all you have to do is brush and floss like normal. If you lose several teeth due to this, then you may need a bridge, multiple dental implants, or even possibly dentures.

Think of a cracked tooth like a tiny crack on a car windshield. It may not look like anything bad at first, especially if it is small. But then as time goes by, that crack grows and grows and it becomes even more noticeable. Then comes the expensive car repair work. That is the same thing that can happen with your cracked tooth if you ignore it.

It’s important to take care of a cracked tooth as soon as possible. There may be a variety of reasons that you don’t want to go – including the fear that it will be a painful event getting it fixed at the dentist. The truth is, the dentist will have anesthetic to take care of the pain and their modern equipment will make it much quicker than in the past.

If you are worried about the cost, talk with your dentist about financing. That will ease your wallet. Otherwise you may be paying more for more in-depth work.

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