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What happens to your teeth when you eat sugar?

There are so many sugary foods out there… and they are almost ALL delicious. Your taste buds are thrilled the very second the food enters your mouth to when you finish the last morsel. But what is going on in your mouth while you are eating this? Are you raising the possibility that you may get a cavity when you do this? Yes. Sugar can be very bad for the health of your teeth and your body.

Why is this? What occurs with sugary foods and doesn’t when you have healthier – bland – food? It can seem very puzzling.

Don’t worry. Here are some answers to the question: “What Happens to my Teeth When I Eat Sugar?”

How It Happens

When you take a bite of a sugary food or gulp a soda, it’s not the sugar itself that is doing anything to harm your teeth. A molecular reaction coupled with bacteria can cause plaque to form on the outside of your teeth. If the plaque does not get quickly removed, then it hardens and it becomes tartar, which can get under your gumline. It also attacks the enamel and can break through that and cause decay to the tooth.

You can make the situation even more dire by drinking sugary drinks all day with no break. Your teeth are constantly being attacked by this reaction for 20 minutes at a time… per sip. You risk major damage to the outer layer of your teeth and ultimately may get cavities.

Minimizing The Damage

Eating sugar and its effects on your teethOdds are good that you will have the best source to clean your teeth quickly nearby – water. It covers so much of this planet, after all. Get a water bottle or cup and swish your mouth with it before swallowing it. That will wash both the coating and any lingering pieces of food that might also be trying to weaken the outer layer of your teeth. The water will actually help get rid of your thirst more than the sugary drink would.

One thing that you can do is to be prepared. Have a toothbrush with you if you’re going to be having sugar at the beach. Go brush your teeth like half an hour after you’ve had the food or soda. Doing it earlier may actually hurt the softened enamel. Rinse your mouth out with water. This way, you can make sure that your enamel won’t have any sugary coating on it for long.

Other Considerations

When it comes to sugar, you have to worry about it having an effect on way more than your teeth. Your whole body can be directly affected – ranging from your skin becoming wrinkly to your developing diabetes. Try to limit how much sugar you have each day. Yes, there are foods that have natural sugar in it, but this is talking more about processed sugar.  Eat them in moderation to reward yourself for good eating habits the rest of the time.

Remember this – you have to stay course with taking care of your teeth. That means doing the same thing day in and day out when it comes to brushing and flossing. If you do this, then you will have a very strong defense against sugar making a dent in your enamel. Brush twice a day for two minutes at a time. Be mindful of the areas of your mouth that you are hitting with the toothbrush. Floss at night and use a mouthwash. Hydrating yourself with water all day can help, too, since they can flood out the sugar.

There is no denying the strong temptation of sugar cravings. Fear not – just do what’s listed above and you can enjoy the treats while greatly lessening any possibility of tooth decay and cavities. You need to be focused, though. Keep your eye on the ultimate goal of great oral health along with physical health and you will be having a great time  with your life.

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