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What happens when i get a dental crown near Palm Harbor, FL

During your last visit to your local dentist in Palm Harbor, did you learn that a dental crown might be necessary for you? Did it leave you wondering exactly what it is and how the entire process plays out? Is it drawn out or will it be only a visit or two? Will there be a lot of extra maintenance with it afterwards? Do they last a long time? 

This post will help put the mystery to rest. Here is all that you need to know about the dental crown process. 

Pre-ProcedureWhat happens when i get a dental crown near Palm Harbor, FL

After your  Palm Harbor cosmetic dentist has confirmed that a crown is needed, the thing that you have to consider next before moving on is what kind of material you want to use. That’s important since the price can range greatly as much as a thousand dollars between them. Sometimes the placement of the crown can dictate that – you’re going to need strong material in the back teeth since the bite force is strong. The dentist will also consider things like how much of the tooth will be visible, the color of the other teeth, and what your gum line looks like. Check with your insurance. 

The types of material are listed here: 

  • ceramic
  • composite resin
  • metal
  • porcelain
  • zirconia

There are also combination ones where the crown is made of porcelain that is also fused to metal. Talk with the Florida restorative dentist if you want a one-day crown, but be ready to pay significantly more than if you were to wait.

The Procedure

Your Palm Harbor dental office will examine your tooth and get it ready for the crown. They may need to X-ray the area or make a mold of your mouth. Next, they will file down the tooth and remove some of the outer layer. You will have an impression made of this tooth and then you will get a temporary crown, if you are not doing the same-day procedure. Depending on the office, this could take up to a few weeks. This temporary one will be filled with an easy-to-remove adhesive but will protect the tooth. 

Once your real crown has been made, the dentist will have you come back and get that put on. They will use a strong cement to bond the crown over the tooth. This will keep the crown in place to protect the tooth for a long time. Once satisfied that the crown fits properly and is in stable condition, they will send you off on your way with your new dental crown. 

Post-Procedure and Potential Hazards

What happens when i get a dental crown near Palm Harbor, FLThe only real hazard that you have is for it to break or to come loose. The dental crown should be able to stay firmly in place thanks to the cement that your Florida dental crown dentist uses to anchor it. If you get the crown as part of a dental implant, then it is secured to an abutment and a titanium screw that has fused with your jawbone. If the dentist has taken any shortcuts, though, then there is the chance of a problem. 

Dental crowns are excellent at acting like normal teeth. There are very few things that you have to give up… and they really should have been things that you didn’t do when your tooth was natural – like biting down on hard candy or ice. The crown is durable but it still can have things happen to it. Brush and floss regularly too, since that can help take care of your teeth. Don’t be too hard, though, since that can jar the crown. 

Overall, with diliigent care, the crowns can last up to 15 years. It’s not a lifetime replacement, but it can go pretty far. But you need to go see your Palm Harbor dentist immediately if you feel it loose, shifting or if it feels like a piece is about to break off. The sooner that you get there the faster that you can go back out and enjoy your normal life with a great smile to show off to people. 

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