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Dental emergency in Palm Harbor FL Attention 24/7

Immediate action can help save a tooth
Incidents can include gum disease and some from accidents
Items can likely already be found in one’s home

Dental emergencies can be scary – sometimes flaring up at the worst times. Times like three in the morning on a weekend and the local dentist not being in the office until Monday. Dealing with a tooth that might need a root canal all weekend might make the minutes seem like hours and the hours feel like days. Yes, one could go to the emergency room, but a trip to the regular ER is getting more and more expensive and more and more families are having to strictly budget. So what to do in a dental emergency?

Tooth Pain

If it’s something like a toothache, rinse out your mouth with hot salt water. There are quite a few reasons why your mouth could be hurting, ranging from dental decay or abscess to a cracked tooth to  wisdom teeth jutting through and hurting healthy teeth. Wisdom teeth can be very slow to be diagnosed since some of the symptoms manifest in areas around the ear, so a patient might go to an ear, nose and throat doctor first before being sent to the dentist. The hot salt water kills bacteria and helps clean the area before you make your way to the dentist. Another thing to do to help with the pain is to take something like acetaminophen and rub the area with gel or ointment that has benzocaine.


Sometimes the dental emergency comes from an incident, not due to one’s oral health. Things like one’s face meeting with a hard object, like a floor, table or even someone’s elbow during a spirited basketball game. Then, it’s important to immediately assess the situation. Is the tooth knocked completely out? Is it chipped? Can it be found? If it’s found, try to put it back in the person’s mouth. If that can’t be done, put it in a cup of milk or water to keep it moist as you head to  the dentist. There are also solutions sold at stores where someone can put that in. Make sure that it’s ADA-approved. Apply a cold pack to the area to stop swelling.

Get the Best Care

Ultimately, the best thing to do, if you’re in the Palm Harbor, Florida area, is to come to VIP Dental, where they have 24/7 emergency service. The specialists there will assess your situation and do what is needed to have you feeling comfortable and pain-free. Add that this is all done in a spa-like environment and it makes for being the place to go for emergencies.

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