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What Are The Uses Of Laser Dentistry?

The Benefits Of a Dental Laser Treatment

When you go see your Palm Harbor dentist, you may see a variety of machines and equipment there beyond the typical ones you usually see. One of them may be a laser. You may be asking yourself: What are the uses of laser dentistry?

Technology has truly made dental visits much more smooth. You can read on to learn the benefits of dental laser treatment.

Laser Cavity Fillings & Removing Tooth Decay

You have an old filling and you need to get them replaced. Lasers make that a simple matter for the dentist. They can use the laser, which is a beam of light energy, to remove your composite fillings… and then use that laser to clear out any decay that is in the tooth. When the Palm Harbor dentist does this, they use what is known as a hard tissue laser, which can cut through bone. The result? A sterile tooth that is ready for a new filling!

The best thing about it is that it is non-invasive and the dentist won’t even have to give you any anesthesia. Your dentist can be a lot more efficient with their treatment when they use lasers instead of drills. You will be out of the dentist’s office much more quickly with this.

Speed Up The In-Office Teeth Whitening Procedure

The laser itself is not what does the whitening. The dentist will put gel on your teeth and then heat it up with the laser. The result is that your teeth get whiter much faster than if you did things like whitening toothpaste or whitening strips. This is because it interacts with the peroxide that is in the gel and speeds up the whitening process.

What happens is that you will wear a mouthguard and then the dentist will protect your gums from the gel that they use. They put the gel on and then the laser will cause it to foam up. This stays like that for a few minutes, they clean it up and then do it again until they get the shade of tooth whiteness that you want. You might have some tooth sensitivity and gum irritation, but that goes away pretty quickly.

Laser Periodontal Therapy: Treatments For Gum Disease

Professional dental laser treatment in Palm Harbor, FLIn the past, treating gum disease meant anesthesia and a lot of scraping and bleeding of the gums. This time, the dentist will also use what is known as a soft tissue laser, which will get rid of infected tissue and also kill bacteria that is on the teeth.

This is not standalone though – the dentist still has to use some regular equipment to complete the job, which includes smoothing out the rough spots on your teeth to keep bacteria from reforming there and possibly causing a recurrence of gum disease. Soon, your gums should fit snugly against your teeth again.

What Are The Advantages & Disadvantages Of Using a Laser In Dentistry?

A distinct advantage is that laser treatments tend to require fewer sutures than traditional ones since there is less bleeding and the laser often cauterizes the area the dentist worked on. Also, the dentist covers your eyes, protecting them from any effects of the laser.

One disadvantage is the cost. It can cost anywhere from $85-$400, depending on what the treatment is. This dental insurance may only cover so much for its use – be ready to pay a good amount out of pocket. Also, there is a chance that the laser might damage the pulp of the tooth – though that is very rare with an experienced dentist using the laser. You may wind up needing anesthesia on some occasions. Also, if you need a bridge or crown, you have to have the dentist use regular equipment.

There are other uses for lasers in a dental practice. They include fixing gummy smiles, lengthening crowns, correcting ill-fitting dentures, and also treating folded skin under your child’s tongue – which can help them speak much more clearly.

As time goes by, dental technology continues to improve by leaps and bounds. Laser technology may be refined even more to make it usable for many different dental procedures. There may be a time when traditional dental tools become obsolete… and people may become even more encouraged to see a Palm Harbor dentist regularly. Then oral health will be widespread.

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