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Root Canals Procedures in Palm Harbor, FL

This is largely a painless procedure

Dental technology has advanced greatly over the decades

Patients can resume a normal life after the root canal

When it comes to root canals, few dental procedures scare patients more than this – and it’s largely a very irrational fear on their part. Simply put – root canals are not scary. They should not be feared.

Why does the term tend to strike fear in these people? Perhaps they had a friend or relative who had one in the past that did not go well. They have heard anecdotes from others who had negative experiences. Whatever the case, they may be very reluctant to go see the dentist if their mouth hurts, afraid that they may hear those words: “root canal procedure.”

Waiting for tooth trouble to go away on its own can cause a lot more pain and possible nightmare scenarios than any root canal ever could. The possible results of sitting on any action could range from infections leading to the loss of a tooth to even death if left untended to for too long.

What Is a Root Canal

First, what exactly is going to happen? A root canal is a procedure for an infected or decayed tooth where the root and pulp are taken out and the interior of the tooth is cleaned and sealed up – though that may wait if the dentist first wants to clear up any infections with medicine. The pulp is removed to prevent further bacteria buildup within it.

Those horror stories that people hear tend to be more on the side of what happens before the procedure – how much pain they were in due to the infected or decayed tooth. The actual process is usually no worse than having a filling put in. It’s the waiting while in pain that can fray many people’s nerves.  

Safe Procedure

The first thing that the dentist or endodontist will do is numb the area – though sedation is an option for very anxious patients. They wall off the problem tooth with a rubber dam and drill a hole in it while periodically flushing away debris with water or sodium hypochlorite. At the end either a filling or, depending on how damaged the tooth was, a crown may be put over it for protection.

Overblown Side Effects

There was once some research showing that bacteria could linger under the dental work and possibly lead to other conditions that affected the heart and other parts of the body. That was nearly 100 years ago. Not only has dental technology vastly improved over the decades since then, everyone – even those who just had their teeth cleaned at a dentist’s office.

Not Time-Consuming At All

Another thing some patients have heard that worried them was that root canals are lengthy processes that take several appointments. One to two appointments, aside from the restoration process, are mostly what’s needed. It also depends on the state of the problem tooth.

Also, a tooth doesn’t have to be painful. Dentists discover dead teeth during regular check-ups and those require root canals as well. The root canal lasts a long time too – a fixed tooth only breaks if the restoration work was sub-par.

Ultimately, a root canal may be very necessary and waiting to do it because of fears, however valid they may seem, can possibly be very costly in all areas of a patient’s life. Hopefully this will alleviate the concerns and allow people to feel safe moving forward with treating their mouth pain.

One thing that helps VIP Dental Center stand out is that they will create a warm environment during the whole root canal. Patients will be pampered and the entire thing will go smoothly. They have helped many people over the years and look forward to helping more.

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